Depression Test

Answer the following 10 yes or no questions. Most questions have more than one part, because everyone feels their depression differently. You need to answer yes to only one part per question in order for that question to count.

1) Depressed mood. Do you feel sad, down, or depressed most of the time? Do you feel that all the color has been drained out of your life? Do you cry more easily? Do you have crying spells for no apparent reason?

2) Loss of interest. Have you lost interest in things that used to give you enjoyment? Have you lost interest or enjoyment in the activities of daily life? Are you more socially withdrawn or isolated?

3) Low energy. Is your energy lower? Do you feel more fatigued or sluggish? Is it hard to get going in the morning? Is your libido suddenly reduced or do you have less interest in sex?

4) Anxiety or irritability. Are you more anxious, worried, fearful, irritable, or intolerant?

5) Lower self-confidence. Is your self-confidence or self-esteem lower? Do you feel more hopeless or pessimistic? Do you feel more guilty or worthless?

6) Poor concentration. Is it hard for you to think, concentrate, or make decisions? Do you find it hard to concentrate outside of work? Do you find it harder to read articles or to take in what you read?

7) Sleep changes. Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? On the weekends do you feel like you could sleep all day and don't want to get out of bed? Do you feel that you're not refreshed when you wake up in the morning?

8) Appetite or weight change. Is your appetite either significantly lower or higher than a year ago? Have you unintentionally lost or gained weight? Do you eat only because you have to eat, but don't get any pleasure from food?

9) Slow moving or restless. Are you more slow moving lately? Is your speech slower lately? Do you feel like you're shuffling when you walk? Are you restless or fidgety? Do you wring your hands more?

10) Thoughts of death. Do you have recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (not just a fear of dying)? Do you think it would be easier if you just didn't wake up in the morning? Do you think it would be easier if you developed a serious illness? Do you wonder if anyone will miss you when you're gone? Do you think you would be better off dead, or that your family would be better off if you were gone? Do you imagine ways of hurting yourself?

If you answered yes to at least 5 of these questions, then you meet the medical criteria (DSM and ICD) for depression.

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