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A Moderate - Controlled Drinking Plan

If you're not sure if you're addicted to alcohol, try the following test. Keep an honest journal of how much you drink every day for 6 months, and see if you can stick to moderate drinking. It's important that you do this for at least 6 months, because it's easy to moderate your drinking for a short time.

If there are days when you drink more than a moderate amount, make note of the circumstances and identify your triggers. Review your journal regularly. If you're happy with your use – great. But if you're not happy, or if you can't stick to moderate drinking, then that should tell you something.

Ultimately alcoholics decide to quit drinking, because they realize it's easier to not drink, than it is to control their drinking.

A Moderate Drinking Plan

What is Moderate Alcohol Use?

Guidelines for moderate drinking have been set by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization.

How Big is a Drink? The Definition of a Drink.

A drink is 14g of pure alcohol according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The World Health Organization defines a drink as 10g of pure alcohol.

Each milliliter of pure alcohol weighs 0.79 grams. Therefore, you can calculate the alcohol content of a drink with the following formula:


Note that a 750ml bottle of wine contains 5 drinks. Therefore 2 drinks a day is less than half a bottle of wine a day.


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Last Modified: May 20, 2016
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